East Austin Studio Tour 2011

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It was a fruitful and exciting E.A.S.T. this year for Stacy Kirk Photography. We had over 1,500 people come in over the course of the tour and Stacy's photos literally stopped people in their tracks. I enjoyed explaining as much as I could about her process and discussing the magic she was able to create using her high-resolution scanner and custom made digital camera. Everyone had their favorite but I would say that "Translucent Abstract Tulip" was the overall winner.

We are exploring the option of offering smaller prints on metallic photographic paper, which adds an incredible richness and depth I believe Stacy would have really loved. Stay tuned for that option as well as new and exciting offerings in the spring!

BREATHLESS FATE:  Evidence of Greater Life in Lingering Shadows

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STACY KIRK never once followed a rule in order to learn the process or fundamentals of her art.  She processed  it all through a seemingly deliberate curiosity that allowed her, in her own inimitable fashion, to learn the order of things intuitively.   Before it was de rigueur she was deconstructing absolutes, and reconstructing classical images with such alarmingly original visions that it would be glib to say she was ahead of the curve – frankly, she poured it.

Her life unfolded in passionate fits, like a struggling blossom pushing back the leaves that protect it.  It bloomed almost violently into brilliant natural perfection, and, sadly, faded just as swiftly as it arrived when she passed away in 2005, not yet forty years old.

What is hung in these galleries is less a discovery post-mortem than a delayed exhibition of her artistic springtime.   It is as much a reminder of the fragile and temporary nature of all things as it is of artistic potential, framed through a cold, clear lens that cuts through sentiment and stabs directly at fate.   This is not the surface, this is the skeletal, the shadow of what will be left when the visible beauty is long gone.  If it at any point it leaves you breathless, the reason should be obvious -  even when we revel in the romantic notion of how nature and life can take your breath away, it is the nature of life to eventually rob you of both your beauty, and your last breath.   

Here is a magnificent world beneath the surface of any carefully arranged vase, or lovingly pruned hedge.   A world of what lies deep within a dozen symbols of love, appreciation or apology; compost-bound beauty blown open to expose a structural magnificence that out-Gehry’s Gehry, and commands our attention quite differently than the TeleFlora brochure’s for which they might have posed.

A sometimes tender, sometimes uncomfortable personal exploration laid bare, and, thankfully, preserved by her Mother,  Donna Kirk, and her college friend and fellow artist, Susannah Blanton, who have worked since 2005 to bring Stacy Kirk’s startling vision to a wider audience.

-Rhett Wickham

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